PROFILE My name is Albert Jan Schouten. I was born in Oudewater in 1957 and grew up in Utrecht and The Hague. After secondary school I studied violin in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam, where I obtained my qualification in musical education. I worked as a violin teacher and music teacher for thirteen years.
In 1990 I obtained my Master's degree in business/business sociology at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. I subsequently worked as an executive secretary, staff officer and facility and interim manager at several healthcare organisations.
I currently work as a freelance teacher at several higher vocational training colleges. I teach skills, cognitive skills (RET), and coach students during their graduation period.

In 2001 I came in contact with several forms of physical therapy and psychotherapy and decided to gain a more in-depth knowledge of these. I took courses with Sander Bloemendal (emotional bodywork) en het Instituut Sonnevelt (stresscounselor).
In 2010 I graduated from Synergos in Amersfoort as haptonomist. Since 2008 I have had my own practices for haptotherapy in Rotterdam and Utrecht.



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